Where can I buy your feed ? Where are the nearest dealers?

Please see our Dealer page, where you can search the table of dealers by City or Zip Code, and view a map of dealer retail locations.

Is your feed organic?

We do not regulate how the ingredients are grown. We only regulate for soy and GMO's. Our goal is to produce an affordable alternative to the high costs of organic feeds with the great benefits of being non-Soy and non-GMO. As of 2014, organic feed typically costs about $35 to $40 per bag. Our feed is about $20 to $25. Our main source of protein, and the largest part of our feeds is peanut meal. Peanuts are grown underground in a shell protecting them from direct sprays. Peanuts in particular are grown underground, therefore they don't receive any direct spray. They are also in a natural shell that protects them even further (the shell is excluded from our feed). There are two common methods of producing peanut meal:  chemical processing and mechanical extraction.  We only use the mechanical process.   Additionally, we have done research and try to pick the best ingredients available to meet our goals. One of our long-term goals is to support local farmers.

How many weeks should I use chick starter before switching to broiler grower?

You can feed a chick starter if you like, but we've achieved great results from feeding just the broiler grower from day one through processing

How many weeks should I use chick starter before switching to lay pellets?

Feed chick starter for the first 3 to 5 weeks, then switch to pullet grower. Then (around 5 months) decide if you want to use lay pellets or lay crumbles for your layers. If you're going to use lay crumbles, it's an easy switch. If you're going to use the pellets, start introducing them at about 16 weeks of age. We have a pullet grower feed that comes in both crumble and pellet form.